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To the comic readers: best Egg Boss so far? 

2 deviants said Clove
No deviants said Axel
No deviants said Tundra
No deviants said Mordred Hood
No deviants said Cassia
No deviants said Thunderbolt
No deviants said Akhlut



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Chu by Spike-the-Funkster
Did this for funsies.
Dunno, in my head i think Spike would simply adore Thunderbolt, y'know being tiny, squishy and evil as an invisible lego brick laying on the ground, so here he is being a tease and all.
DO NOT think of this thing as a couple, pairing or any of that, i'm too old for that shit =3=

Spike belongs to me and Thunderbolt belongs to Archie or whatever
To the comic readers: best Egg Boss so far?
2 deviants said Clove
No deviants said Axel
No deviants said Tundra
No deviants said Mordred Hood
No deviants said Cassia
No deviants said Thunderbolt
No deviants said Akhlut
Spike Reference+Profile 2014 by Spike-the-Funkster
Spike Reference+Profile 2014
Now complete with backstory!

Name: Spike

Nicknames: Bullet Head

Age: Apparently between 17 and 18

Species: Four-toed hedgehog (technically. Eggman entitled him a War-hedgehog)

Gender: Male

Height: 85 Cm

Weight: 102 Kg

IQ: 127

Marital Status: Single

DOB: Uknown

Birth Place: Metal City

Residence: Casino Park

Occupation: Pro wrestler, Mobius Underworld Fighter, Mercenary

Alignment: Neutral

Top Speed: 60 Km/h (Poor Runner)

Abilities & Aptitude:

(1.) Due to being formerly bombarded with the energy emissions of a power gem partly infused with dark Gaia energy, Spike possesses an immense amount of strength and a considerable amount of physical durability. The mutations resulted from the bombardment also changed his body, seriously increasing its density and thickness.

(2.) He is an extremely skilled fighter, utilizing a fighting technique mainly involving grapples, wrestling moves and a vast array of street fighting moves. Compensating the relative lack of speed his style involves, he can take an insane amount of punishment almost without flinching.

(3.) In spite of his mole and terrible lack of speed, Spike is surprisingly nimble, mostly because of his body strength, though his movements are rough and focus more on efficiency, lacking elegance and lightness

(4.) Furthermore, Spike is no brute: in addition to having a remarkable combat-related strategic prowess gained by experience, he is also pretty insightful, managing to often gain a decently accurate understanding of people's nature and things in general.

Hobbies & Talents:

(1.) Talented actor.

(2.) Enjoys sleeping, reading comic books and watching movies in his spare time.

(3.) He's very difficult to anger, and even given the case, he can control anger very well.

(4.) Often partakes in Air Gear riding, though his skills with all kinds of air gear can be considered at amateur level at best, maybe except motorcycle gears, which he's marginally more familiar with.

(5.) He's a big wrestling aficionado.

(6.) Likes fashion in general, and he can make his own wrestling outfits.

(7.) He likes sport activities like Bowling and Chess, He's not very good in the former.

(8.) Likes body modification: the patches of skin on his arms resembling flames and the star shaped patch of skin on his chest are a result of that. Instead, the heart shaped mark on the back of his head is a birthmark.


(1.) He's a terribly slow runner.

(2.) Possesses mediocre aiming skills.

(3.) Overall performs horribly in long ranged combat

(4.) His general lack of tact and ability to bother often makes his insight skills pretty useless.

(5.) His love for non sequiturs and general nonsense often results in the confusion of everyone. And that's Terrible.

(6.) Penguins (the animal friends type) tend to freak him out. He believes they're always staring, waiting for the right moment to attack.

(7.) Notoriously bad driver.

(8.) Has much higher nutritional requirements than normal.

(9.) Capers disgust him to a point he feels sick whenever his nose is in their proximity.

(10.) By certain standards he's not the most approachable hedgehog.

Personal facts

Friends: Over the Hedgehog (he thinks of him as a brother), Tanner the hedgehog, Rachel the
Hedgehog, Spinda Der Stahl…

Acquaintances: Dr Eggman, Gizma the Afghan hound.

Rivals: Arcelia La Luchadora.

Enemies: None

Known relatives: None Biologically, he thinks of Sister Anna Doe as his maternal figure.

Likes/Favourite activities: Sleeping, reading comics, watching movies, his pompadour, fighting, non sequiturs, puns, nicknames, cute things, girls, glory.

Dislikes/Least favourite activities: Penguins.

Gourmet of choice: Curry rice, Borsh, Beef Stew, Grilled Octopus, Sushi, Kung Pao, Cauliflowers and more.

Beverages of choice: hot Sake.

Favourite colour(s): Reds, Pinks and Purples.


Spike is a fun loving, very easy going and breezy hedgehog. Too bad sometimes his idea of fun doesn't coincide with the idea of fun of others. Does he care? Not one bit. He jokingly makes fun of practically everyone, giving them nicknames, teasing them and sometimes even spouting nonsense, just to see how they react, out of personal amusement. He's also very flamboyant, devoid of shame, a borderline narcissist and loves to act theatrically: All due to his immense ego, and complete, absolute lack of humbleness, tact and consideration of other's feelings. Though, he can be more tender to his closest friends. He's not afraid to give compliments if he feels someone deserves them.
He is also devoid of strong moral binds, Taking jobs from everyone as long as he feels like it and siding with the winning faction whatever it is. Though he's not a hedgehog for holding grudges, sometimes he can become pretty vindictive, but he never bothers to go beyond just getting even with the one who'd do him wrong. After that he just stops caring again.
His only no-no is killing: he says it's bad for P.R. though, he's not against extreme use of violence. In fact, he loves a good fight. He finds it glorious.

Items & Weapons:

(1.) Wrestling Outfit
Description: A dark magenta wrestling outfit Spike made himself and dons it on the ring. It has no practical use whatsoever.

(2.) He possesses a vast array of weird shaped sunglasses he seldom wears: Some of these glasses are triangular, Lennon specs, star shaped, and heart shaped.

(1.) Fabulous
Description: a red and pink Power type Extreme gear air board Spike uses recreationally. It Can turn into a bike and vice versa.

Back Story:

Spike was born a dumpster baby in Metal City by unknown parents. Luckily he was found and brought to a Solaris Temple that doubled as an orphanage, where he was raised happily by Sun Priestesses. There, spike met Over and became friends. One priestess in particular, Sister Anna Doe, a former wrestler, took Spike under her wing and taught him how to defend himself from bullies with wrestling, and eventually became his mother figure.
When Spike became too old to stay at the temple, he and Over moved to an apartment in Metal city and lived by the day by participating to illegal underground fights and races, until they were captured by Eggman's Forces and Thrown in an Egg Army Jail. There, he met a hedgehog named Tanner, whom he befriended.
In the meanwhile, Dr Eggman was finishing his last creation. After the events of Sonic Unleashed, Eggman managed to keep some of Dark Gaia's energy by crystalizing it and storing it in a device akin to Chaos Drives. His goal was to find a way to use that energy and create a personal werehog soldier for his Egg Army. Though the amount of energy was too little compared to the amounts Sonic has absorbed when he turned into the werehog, and still, corruption and unavoidability of such form during the day were issues, so he decided to fuse that little Dark Gaia Energy to a Power Gem, that would count as a compensation. In a search for a recipient for the new power form he created, he needed a hedgehog, possibly under his army, that would not have cybernetic implants, given the uknown reaction cybernetics would have on such energy. And a good place to search for that kind of recipient was his jails, since prisoners would eventually become his soldiers, but the majority of them didn't don cybernetic implants yet. When he released the message of recruit for one hedgehog for an important experiment in exchange for freedom, Spike, unlike the other prisoners, found it intriguing and volunteered. The experiment's result was unexpected: The different form of energy Spike absorbed subjected him to a mutation different than what Sonic got through. Though his body did not grow and lacked fangs, claws and the ability to stretch his arms, he gained a massive increase of muscular mass, resulting even stronger than the original werehog, and his whole body became incredibly solid, compact and much heavier. Overall, the result was deemed successful and Spike's new form was named War-hedgehog (or WARhog for short). Sadly for Spike, Eggman decided to keep him imprisoned to run more tests and eventually turn him into a cyberized soldier. Before Spike would decide to bust out by himself, an unexpected raid by G.U.N. forces gave him a push. Decided to run away in the confusion with Over, he was interrupted by Tanner who promised him to help him settle out of the prison if he took him too and his sister on the female ward side of the prison. So despite the attack of the prison warden, Fasten the Star-nosed Mole (Whom Spike managed to test his powers on) they managed to find Tanner's sister, Rachel and Flee to an other city, Casino Park. There, thanks to Tanner's resources (he was imprisoned for) they managed to create a little gambling enterprise that, with the ulterior help of illegal underground fighting money provided by Spike, ensued the opening of their own casino, the Club Pompadour, that would also host Mobius Underground fights and make cover for an ulterior activity as mercenaries. Spike now lives as a wrestler and occasionally as a mercenary in Casino Park, looking for a good time. He also visits his "mom" in Metal City from time to time.
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i slammed into a tree. HARD.


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